Your Social Media Account Has Been Hacked. Now What?

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  • One thing that cannot be over emphasized is taking advantage of the two-factor authentication which is available on several social media sites.. If you opt into 2FA, you will have to “Confirm your phone”. You would receive a text message with a specific code to be entered into the system. If you don’t want to do this every single time, you can designate your smartphone, PC, or tablet as a trusted device and will allow you to telesign in without the text code. Should an attempt to login from an unrecognized device happen, it would not be allowed. I know if you use several devices it is a pain to setup, but the end result will be peace-of-mind knowing you are that much more secure. It is worth the extra time it takes to setup and have the confidence that your account won’t get hacked and your personal information isn’t up for grabs.

    • That’s a great tip, Kernel, thanks for sharing!

      Do you happen to have a link where readers could go and learn more about opting in to 2FA? That would be appreciated!

      Thanks again, great tip!

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