You Can’t Automate Engagement – 8 Tips To Start Getting Involved

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  • Excellent tips here Morgan! We have a few accounts that are automated and try to engage as much as possible, but you’ve given some great pointers here on how to make it a little more effective, and easier. Thanks!

  • “And since my Twitter is a mix of business & personal, I take advantage of that by…” Did you mean to finish this sentence? By….doing …..what?

    I love this list and I take notice over and over how and who is really doing this “engagement” thing effectively. I, at first kind of rebelled, still do a little, but am learning. Great list. Thx, Elizabeth

  • Excellent stuff Morgan. There is a huge difference between robot postings and automation. I personally choose anything that gets posted, and when there is a response to a post, I engage as soon as it comes to my attention. I am a huge fan of Bundlepost, Buffer and Hootsuite, used in combination one can achieve great results. I use all three differently for different purposes, I use those tools to introduce myself and get the convo started, then it is all up to me. Engage, engage, engage… PS I am a twitter chat addict, but I think you know that as I see in you many of the same chats…LOL

  • Great tips, Morgan. But there are ways to speed up engagement without automating. Our system analyses searches in twitter and makes suggestions how you can focus them to reach relevant accounts. The system then remembers your responses so you can re-use them, or customize as them if your prefer. And itweetlive displays engagement levels so you can see which responses got good results. Nothing is sent automatically. We actually frown on automated keyword responses. The idea is to do more direct, personal outreach. We just make the job easier. I would love for you to take a look and let me know what you think :)

  • this is one of those things where I know what I should be doing but someone fall short all the time anyways, I think sometimes I’m just not even sure what to say to help get the conversation going, especially when all that comes to mind is a “thanks, I really enjoyed that, it was what I needed today” I guess flipping the situation I wouldn’t mind too much if thats the sort of responses I got, but I would still hope for a deeper more meaningful conversation about the content itself.

    I’m rambling though long comment short – thanks for writing this, I enjoyed it, now to just find a way to trick myself into actually doing it more lol (but this comment is the first baby step in a thousand, so you did prompt some action lol) Thanks. -Mike

    • Hi Mike!

      Honestly, sometimes just saying, “thanks, I really enjoy that!” can start a conversation or get people to notice you (if you do it consistently and change up your verbiage dependent on the post/scenario). So really, don’t over analyze it, just relax and act if you’re talking to a friend. :)

      Good luck!!

  • Glad I found this article through facebook. It has some awesome tips..think I will have to start doing the commenting thing…do oyu think commenting consistently on the same blog is the best way?

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