Why Your Social Media Strategy is Failing


Last week we had a great webinar with Thomas Varghese, CEO of eBizUniverse. He’s helped thousands of companies generate revenue through social media marketing. He said perhaps the biggest problem he sees with business social media is this: failure to plan.

Businesses fail to strategically set goals about their social media marketing. They simply don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish. Businesses just simply start doing social media.

Businesses know they should do social media marketing. They know they need to post to Facebook and Twitter and Google+. They know they need to have a presence in these mediums. But they never actually stop to consider the most important question: why?

Why do you need a social media strategy? Why do you need to be on social media at all? Most businesses never ask these questions.

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That is bad.

So, what is your social media goal? Do you want to raise awareness? Do you want to build a community? Perhaps your only goal is to create a following? Or, is your goal to create leads and customers from social media?

Do you know the answers to these questions?

Research from Chief Marketer and other source shows that most businesses don’t have social media goals. They don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish. They just sort of do it.

Think about how ridiculous that is.

Imagine if you hired an employee and gave that employee no direction, responsibilities or tasks. You never told them what their job was or what they were trying to accomplish. Instead you simply said, “Okay, start doing stuff!”

That employee would fail. They would likely never get anything done.

Could this be the reason your social media strategy is failing.

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  • Qnary says:

    Having a social media strategy is incredibly important. When you are developing your social media strategy, two of the first things you should do is determine a target audience and key takeaway message that you want to get across in each of your posts. Once you determine these two things it will be a lot easier to create the content for your social media pages.

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