Why We Need To Re-Evaluate Social Media

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  • Jonette says:

    I’m Brand X.

  • I appreciate your insights here. For 7 years I have been advocating that social media needs to be integrated into business processes, not an add on that you outsource to an intern or agency. If your business processes are working well (pr & marketing, sales, customer service, R&D…), integrating social technology can help to make those processes more efficient and effective. A friend of mine tells clients, you don’t need a social media strategy, you need a business strategy.

  • When it comes in using a social media, we’re not only posting our message out there, but we must listen to our audience, too. The idea of social media goes beyond platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is the ability for people to post feedback, engage in online conversations, and drive web traffic. And its true that marketers need to stand up and start a marketing revolution.

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