Why @Twylah Is My Favorite Influential Tool

Twylah is a blog of your own tweets arranged by your most influential topics. It gives your followers or customers an instant insight into the content you tweet about the most.

Are you curious how Twylah works?

Twylah examines your live Twitter stream and selects up to 20 topics that you tweet about the most. (Note that Twylah does not select your followers topics, but rather the topics you tweet about.) Twylah then selects which tweets will be published on your branded pages based on the frequency and recency of your tweets. In coming weeks Twylah will introduce new action metric feature, which will give you a great insight into engagement factors of your topics. In another words, you will soon know which tweet topics have the highest engagement factor.

Twylah is based on subject, so the more you tweet about one particular subject, the higher the possibility that the subject will be placed on your Twylah branded page.

You may select up to three topics to display on the top of your branded page, and you may hide up to five topics that you don’t want displayed. However, you cannot hide tweets within the topics that you select to be published.

You can select and arrange topics in the Manage Topics section, which is located to the right of the Send ”Power Tweet” option.

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Here is the best-hidden weapon of Twylah, and many people who have branded pages are unaware of it: Over a period of time you will be able to determine which specific subjects in your topics your followers are reacting to the most. Through this, you will have the possibility of increasing your influence and engagement by concentrating on the content and subjects that work best with your followers. You will more easily increase your engagement factor, retweets and replays, thus engaging and gaining the trust of your followers. It is engagement and trust that will make your followers act.

On the topic of trust, many of us are guilty of tweeting something really stupid on a Saturday night when we’re out having fun. Of course, we discover the “drink and dial” tweet the next morning when people replay it to us. To make sure you don’t include such tweets on your Twylah page, Twylah will automatically remove any tweets that you delete from your Twitter stream if you are a premium user.

Another, perhaps better, way to be sure tweets like these don’t find their way to your Twylah page, and the way that I recommend, is to simply leave your phone at home when you go into any situation that might involve getting wild. Doing this will guarantee that any “funny tweets” won’t find a place on your Twylah page.

Twylah vs. Klout

Klout is a major player when it comes to measuring influence. But is it the best source for finding influential users on Twitter? In my opinion, it is not.  Twylah is the primary tool I use when I’m looking for potential users to follow on Twitter and when I’m looking for a topic or subject matter over which I can engage with others.

While many of you may find this surprising, the reason I do it this way is actually quite simple.

Klout’s official blog explains how they determine the topics that we are influential about:

“Klout generates this list by semantically analyzing the content you create and the resulting responses. Your most influential topics are not those topics you talk about the most, but those that you get the most engagement on.”

I strongly believe that the core of influence lies in the subject of particular topics that we talk most about, and not just a topic in general. As described above, Twylah determines not only the topic but the subject as well, and in particular, the topic that you talk about the most. This is why I use Twylah as my primary tool for determining my influence and that of others.

To give you a better understanding, here is an example of how this works for me:

Klout has determined that one of my influential topics is Social Media. I agree with this. But what does this really tell my followers? There are no additional details available on my Klout profile for my followers to determine what subjects I talk and engage on the most.  However, if you visit my Twylah page and look at the Social Media topic, you will immediately see that I talk and share mostly about various subjects related to Social Media, such as Social Media Policy, Social Media Tools, Social Media Metrics and so on. This information will help my potential followers determine which subjects they might want to engage with me about. This is what I call influence, and it is in this area that Twylah has the unbeatable power of determining your influence.

Power Tweet

Power Tweet is another great feature for reinforcing your engagement as well as driving traffic to your Twylah page. You might send tweets out directly from the page; you also can use a bookmarking button to send them from any blog or news page. When sending a tweet with a link (which will be automatically shortened for you), your followers will be directed straight to your Twylah page instead of the site from which you shared.

Pictures or video will be displayed in extract format. Tweets will be placed in the RELATED TWEET section alongside other related tweets that you sent in the past.

Other Great Features

Not only does Twylah allow you to send power tweets, but it also allows your fans and visitors to share your branded page directly via Twitter. You can “+1” and share on Google+ as well as “Like” on Facebook. Additionally, your followers can replay or retweet your tweets directly from your Twylah page.

There are branded buttons available to install on your website or blog that you can use to immediately drive traffic to your branded page.

I also strongly recommend publishing a link to your Twylah page on your FacebookStumbleupon and LinkedIn pages as well as on your resume, especially if you are looking for new business opportunities.

How To Use Twylah

I’ve read many posts on Twylah in the past and have attended many chats about it on Twitter, and I am convinced that Twylah is exceptional for your own branded page as well as a great tool to market your products or services. But Twylah actually offers even more than just promoting your products or services.  Instead of sending a potential new employer to your direct stream on Twitter, send him to your branded page, where he will have an instant insight into your engagement and influence.

If recruiters would use branded Twylah pages for publishing the job postings that they tweet, job seekers would find it much easier to see all the openings published. Twylah gives recruiters a great tool for standing out from the crowd.

Twylah also offers companies and celebrities a complete, custom-designed Twylah page that is consistent with their particular brand identity in the online world.

Twylah Directory

On the landing page of Twylah, you will find a directory of influential people from different industries throughout the world that have their own Twylah branded pages. Take a look in the directory that is organized by topics, and you’ll find really great leaders to follow and engage.

Here is a list of just a few Social Media leaders that I follow:

Oliver Blanchard

Guy Kawasaki

Kelly Kim

Justin Kistner

Peggy Fitzpatrick

Neal Schaffer

I had the great privilege to talk to the CEO of Twylah, Eric Kim, and the Co-Founder Kelly Kim about new features that have been added and will soon be added to Twylah branded pages in coming weeks. Here are a couple of these new features that will be added:

Topic pages are now more visually engaging to better represent your content.

The one feature that I am really excited about is Mobile Twylah. Mobile Twylah is not a phone application. Rather, Mobile Twylah will allow your branded page to easily fit onto the screens of mobile phone-type devices and to be easy to read. Now you will have the opportunity to show your very own Twylah anywhere and any time!

Do you have your own Twylah page? If not, I recommend that you do so soon!

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