Why Twitter Needs to Change to Keep Up with Social Media Marketing

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  • With all due respect, I completely disagree with this analysis and it is apparent to me that the strengths of twitter are not properly understood by the author.

    Twitter isn’t a replacement for other things, it’s a unique compliment to the arsenal of both individuals and large entities.

  • You do make some very valid points about the need for Twitter to adapt to the changing/socialization of the Web. However, I do have to disagree about the lack of a community.

    “Communities” on Twitter exist as individuals who connect with each other, often times in group discussions. I’m part of the whole SEO/online marketing World so of course I’ve got some biased views since most people in my industry use Twitter to connect.

    I’ve been able to use Twitter to “meet” individuals who I’d never be able to converse with, you know, highly respected/authoritative figures.

    Without Twitter, it would have taken a lot of blog stalking to create the relationship I was able to do with a few strategically placed tweets from time to time. “More bang for my buck” so to speak.

    The same can be set about several industries. I’ve had similar luck among photographers, video gamers/game critics, and Foodies.

    A lot of people don’t “get” Twitter and that might be Twitter’s biggest flaw. It’s so simple to use, but it leaves a lot of questions for people who need extra guidance.

  • You do make some valid point however, Twitter does offer embed media solutions. I have seen images, as well as embedded videos, where if you click tweek it opens up an embedded media solution, with in the tweek feed

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