Why Social Media Isn’t Just Another Marketing Tactic

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  • Thanks for the helpful post Sarah, it’s a great starting point for educating people about social business.

    We’ve written a series of posts on the topic of social business over at our blog largely to increase awareness that social media has so much more to offer than just marketing!


    Jon @FreshNetworks

  • Renee says:

    Great summary Sarah. Not only was your initial discussion helpful, but the three additional posts added tremendous value. Thanks!

  • Super stuff Jon – thanks for the link. I’m hearing some fantastic discussions at this event about how marketing is still struggling to understand the value social media can bring to the organisation. I’m sticking with my “social business” line…I’m convinced it’s the way forward!

  • Great article and additional links! Thanks for sharing! It isn’t enough to just start a conversation, you (as the company) must really listen to what your customers are saying because they are telling you exactly what they want. After all, you are catering to them, so why not give them what they want?

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