Why Marketers Increase Their Social Media Marketing Budgets?

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  • As a new CEO, of a exciting startup Im tuned into the social media conversations but honestly I cant help but to find much of this info and data as Industry Hype. Facts are social media is just that and a great part of the users arent buying based on social media advertisement campaigns.

  • I agree that users are not buying based on social media advertisement campaigns. Moreover this is the way how not to profit of social media anyway.

    Social media are communication channels. So businesses need to use social media to communicate and not to push products.

    Social media brings profits for businesses this is a proven fact. But this happens in another way in social media.

    Social media communication and sharing valuable content there is a profitable way to male future customers aware of the company’s expertise and to build trust with the audience.

    Future customers who see this content can visit the company pages and get more information about the products which leads to business leads, sales and revenue.

    Social media advertisement campaigns are not the way to profit from social media this is proven as well.

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