Why I Joined App.net

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  • Like you, I support Caldwell’s initiative and I think ‘open microblogging’ (under whatever banner – Status.net was established a long time ago and is just as good, right?) is well worth supporting.

    But I’m left scratching my head at why you write off Twitter.

    “What are those main problems? Well, spam, right? Garbage tweets that at best, clog up your tweet reader and at worst, link to viruses or other malware.”

    Spam is a problem on Twitter? Are you kidding? There isn’t any spam on Twitter! You get to follow and unfollow at will – regardless of who is and isn’t following you.

    “Actually, all that untreated and non-blocked spam is a symptom of the real problem- free, open access to anyone and everyone, include people who only want to abuse Twitter and the real, honest people who use it.”

    You appear to be saying that Twitter isn’t exclusive enough for you. I think Dalton’s issue is that Twitter is too exclusive – ie. if you want to engage in micro-blogging the scales are currently tipped so that you pretty much have to do it on Twitter.

    I applaud your article and I’m delighted that you support App.Net – but, from my perspective it’s making microblogging more open that attracts me to App.Net, not making it more closed.

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