Why Attention is the New Currency Online

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  • Loud noises capture attention. So do car crashes pushed to the side of the road. A bad joke or odor will capture attention. There are lots of ways to get it, and many technology models presuming to dictate the what, how, and how often of publishing remind me of a piano tuner telling a composer not only how to write songs but who will listen to them.

    To paraphrase Seth, “We don’t have an information or an attention shortage, we have a shortage of truth, meaning, and utility.”

  • I think your absolutely spot on.
    For those that do not have the creative side in them, then curation is a must.
    You just have to develop yourself at it. Practice they say makes………..the man

  • nice synthesis of a bunch of research on attention. I am really interested in this topic and like the term Attentionomics to describe it. I hope it catches on.

    the infographic about facebook marketing is really interesting. but I could not find out the source of this data — it seems unlikely that facebook themselves released this data.

    I clicked through your link on the information scientist jeff huang and came across this link: http://jeffhuang.com/Final_CursorBehavior_CHI11.pdf that suggests that search engines will track your mouse movements (which often aligns with your eye’s attention) and use computer algorithms to figure out what you are looking at and reading!

  • Interesting article with useful citations! I agree that content posted at the right time is the key to winning today’s currency which is people’s attention. Great article!

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