Who Are The Influencers and How Do We Find Them?

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  • Thanks for the call out on Traackr, Jure.

    The idea that mass influencer outreach is a safer, more effective, way to go about influencer communication is based on a dangerous silent assumption: that one has unlimited resources to run their campaign, which is never the case.

    For example, say that the marketing person at a small company or agency decides to invest a full week of their time to do influencer outreach for the launch of a new product. Conducting what I call “mass influencer outreach” (for a small firm anywhere between 500 to 1,000 so-called influencers), the only communication tool available to them is to blast the group and spend a few minutes with anyone who cares to engage/respond. Their ability to get any kind of coverage from this group of influencers is slim to none simply because they can’t spend the time and resources to engage them in a meaningful way. So even assuming that your top influencers are in this larger net that you cast, your ability to activate them is very limited.

    This issue affects small and large brands exactly in the same way, only numbers vary (broad influencer outreach for Ford or Coke would mean a group of 10-50k people).

    We have actually run these tests ourselves for our brand and product launches and always found it way more efficient (as measured by coverage and qualified sales leads) to tailor the size of the influencer group we decide to engage based on resources required to create meaningful connections.

    As for which tools you can trust to identify your influencer target group, I’d build a case for our approach and technology but it’s a separate conversation altogether :)

  • Well done here!
    See you posts a lot on twitter. followed this one along the stream.

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