When Social Media Complements Telemarketing

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  • Fares says:

    Great article. I am a recent undergrad and have been having problems with the “real world” job hunting. My question is how can I utilize my telephone sales skills and use social media leads or leads in general to make money while being self employed using only my computer, headset and sales ability while working from home only. I know of one way that can make me 2k a day but the problem is I don’t feel like it’s the greatest and “honest” way to make money. ( if you want to know what that is I would have to tell you in a private message). So just to recap, I am searching for a way to work from home using a phone and a laptop and selling services or products through purchasing leads that are generated through social media campaigns and then using my sales ability to sell over the phone. I hope someone out there will read this and help me out.

    Get rich and happy or die trying.

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