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When Social Media Complements Telemarketing

When Social Media Complements Telemarketing image when social media complements telemarketing 01Just because you’ve been engaging in telemarketing for a very long time doesn’t mean that you will no longer venture into another type of marketing strategy. Consider Physics and Chemistry without Math, English without Grammar, Theology without Philosophy; what would you think will happen? A completely dysfunctional structure, perhaps.

The same goes with telemarketing, wherein despite its advantages and disadvantages, it still struggles to set the bars higher than any other marketing strategies. However, no matter how hard it strives to be on the top of the game, the fact still remains that in the world of business, two or more marketing strategies are way better and efficient than one. This is now where the social media enters the realm of business telemarketing.

Many are actually speculating that social media are gradually replacing telemarketing as a form of outsourcing to generate sales leads; but little they know that social media actually complement telemarketing and the effort made by both strategies lessens the possibility of a company’s loss.

Truly, both the social media and telemarketing have their own strengths and weaknesses; however, by clustering all the strengths and the weaknesses of both parties, and by taking in the former, the result will surely be favorable when both strategies are to be utilized. How? Consider the situation that follows:

Building a strong relationship with your customers is one of the greatest factors that should be considered in running a business. And with the viral trend of smartphones and android phones which enable the people to easily connect with each other through social networking sites, it is of greater possibility that your clients are using at least one of the main social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Likendln, Google+, etc.), which means, that if building relationships with your clients is your primary goal at the moment, then you need to go to wherever they are going. This does not necessarily mean that you have to constantly stalk them, that would be awful fo course, rather, this tells you that you have to join them in the virtual world. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them.

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Create an account in any social networking sites that will enable you to access your prospects’ profiles. In this way, it will give you a detailed information about the latter that will eventually lead you to an appointment setting.  Say you’ve met a prospective client. Search for his name and add him in your contact list; you may send him a quote, a good way to start a conversation. Start from there, then try sending him information about your product or service. You can also follow him on twitter, if he has one.

Through these, you are not only reaching out to him but you are as well feeding your self with the understanding of his needs. Also, by being an active user of social networks, you are also giving your self the chance to stay connected to him and most importantly, you’re exposing your business to potential clients that are just around the corner. And when the moment comes that your prospect and you are already on the same page of your business, that is the time to inform your telemarketer to make that big call to futher explain the beauty of your product and eventually closing a deal.

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