What to Add to Your Social Media Strategy In 2013

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  • I would like to add a comment to a section of your article where you talk about Google Authorship.

    For bloggers and writers use the rel=’author’ tag whilst connected to your G+ account. There are many tutorials online to do this.

    There is however another tag Google have in alpha phase which is great for landing page SEO, and that is rel=’publisher’ . It adds extra features to your search rankings and I guess at one point will be interconnected to the author tag for true SEO marking.

  • Thank you, Robert for the addition! That is very true. What should be done is:

    For brands: You should attach the rel=’publisher’ to your website home page.
    For the writers associated with the brand: You will need the rel=’author’ tag.

    The logic is: Essentially, your brand is not an author, you are the publisher in which writers are associated with your brand. They work on boosting the brand and bringing authority through their content TO the brand page.

    Hope this clears it up!

  • When creating your social media strategy for the coming year, be sure to figure out who your target audience is and what key message you want to get across in each of your posts. Once you know these two pieces of information, it will make creating content a lot easier.

  • Agreed Qnary. Always come with a game plan! Figure out what the audience is, what the goal of your social media will be, and that should be some of the starters prior to developing the strategy!

  • As an early adopter of Google+ I hope to see the network take off a little bit more in 2013. Facebook is still the leader in the clubhouse though and this post has inspired me to give my Facebook pages a look over and touch things up a bit. Thanks for the tips!

    • I have seen Google+ increase in visibility! I will not be surprised if it will be gaining even more leverage within the upcoming year! I am glad you found my blog post useful! Thank you for the comment!

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