What Social Media Behavior Is Your Brand Targeting?

Social strategy comes in all different forms, but more and more often, we see that businesses are getting more granular with their social targeting. A particularly exciting form of targeting is finding consumers who are influencers. Targeting Influencers is important because these are the people that are most likely to share your brand messaging (if they believe in it). However, besides Klout score, which has a number of limitations, there is not much of a tried and tested formula for finding these Influencers, which makes it more difficult to target them.

Forrester Research has taken another approach to finding Influencers, and that is to group people by their social behaviors. At the top of the ladder are creators, which are the most valuable because of their online behaviors. If Creators like your brand or have a great experience with your product, they are likely to write about it on their blog or website, upload a video review or another form of user-generated content. The value of a Creator liking your product may be higher than a Spectator or Collector, because these people might not share their experiences with others. See below for more:

So now the real question: how do you target Creators and Conversationalists on social media? And the truth is that much of it is manual. However, many companies seek out bloggers and send them products to review. The bloggers then, in turn, review it on their site. This is how fashion blogger Man Repeller got to be such a household name. Designers trusted her taste and loved that her readers did, too. She hawks their products and brands left and right with her own special twist of branding (trendy dressing often “repels” men). Aside from bloggers, Facebook is rolling out new ad targeting that will allow you to target to users who are “most likely to convert.” The data for this has obviously not been shared, but I have to assume it will be based on historical data married with predictive analytics.

As we draw closer to a more personalized and customized web experience, you can expect to see more technology development in this area because targeting Influencers and Creators is an incredibly lucrative opportunity for advertisers. So, stay tuned.

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