What Are Your Challenges Using Social Media Marketing?

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  • In the article you mentioned the difficulty in administering branded social networks. If you want to use social media for lead generation effectively, you’ll need to post anywhere from 400 to 1,000 messages month after month, with the vast majority of these going on LinkedIn groups. Intriguing messages trigger conversations and keeping track of the conversations and traffic can be very difficult.
    We find that using a tool with a ‘Social Inbox’ that constantly scouts your LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Pages etc. for new comments on your posts makes it possible to stay on top!

    • Good morning, Ben.
      Thank you for your very helpful comment. I agree about the number of posts required in administering branded social networks is much larger than many recognize. In fact, in some industries, the number might actually be higher. This is certainly one of the reasons many firms are having difficulties. In addition to underestimating the number of posts needed, I suspect that even enterprise firms are underestimating the time required for success. Many firms we work with have not accepted that they need dedicated staff for the task.

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