Weinergate & Social Media Fantasyland: 3 Lessons for Marketers

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  • Mark, you make excellent points, but I have to wonder how knowledgeable Weiner was about Twitter. I seriously doubt he knew that direct messages aren’t all that secure since every third-party app that’s been authenticated can technically access your DMs. If he’d known that, I’ll bet he’d never have sent a photo of dubious distinction over Twitter!


  • Weiner had more than a passing knowledge of Twitter. He knew how to use hashtags, converse in Twitter style (conversationally, at times joking, playing with his followers), upload pics. He worked to build over 60k (now 77k) followers, so he was doing something right. I agree, though, he wasn’t as hip as he thought and lacked deep technical knowledge, etc. Most observers say his Twitter use was uneven and flawed-until finally he made the Big Mistake.

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