Web Videos, Social Media, and Your Business

Social media and web videos, two relatively new technologies that are continually gaining momentum and popularity, are a match made in online marketing heaven. These two have a mutually beneficial relationship; social media craves original content and web videos yearn for viewers. Sure, you can just throw any old video on Facebook or Twitter and hope for it to resonate with a group of people that then flood the wires with likes, comments, and retweets but there are a few effective ways that you can make sure the possibility becomes a fact.

1. Find Your Niche and Cater to Them

The most important thing is to cater to your target demographic and think about what they seem to gravitate towards. Your audience determines keywords, tone, mood, themes and basically any other aspect of the creative process because the more they respond to your video the better the end outcome is for you and your business.

A great example of this is dog food brand, Purina Beneful. So what do you do when you are trying to get dog-lovers to watch a video? Do you have a spokesperson explaining the benefits of Purina Beneful? Nope, you get dogs and you get tennis balls and go out on the street to let them play with as many people as you can! This is exactly what Purina Beneful did with many of their videos and, as a result, each have tens of thousands of views. By showcasing the dogs they love in their videos,  Purina Beneful got dog-lovers to laugh and enjoy their videos all while creating a subconscious link between silly, fun dogs and their brand.

2. Serialize It

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Web videos are a wonderful way of continually supplying your social media pages with original content and one of the best ways of doing this is trying to think of a serialized version of a topic that you can post intermittently. Now, this doesn’t mean you need a 10-part series on your business but with a serialization of a web video, you can start thinking outside the box for ideas.

If you are attorney, you could post informational videos on common legal proceedings to preemptively answer questions and concerns your clients may have. If you are a doctor, you could make a series of videos documenting procedures and how they are performed, what treatments work best for common illness, etc.; as you can see, with serialized content you can expand and promote your expertise and knowledge all while informing followers and friends. Are you a manufacturer of products? Maybe creating an assortments of supplementary videos about constructing or using your products. With the serialization of web videos you have to start to think outside the box, but there is truly where some of the most enthralling ideas lie.

3. The ‘Sharebility’ Factor

Now, posting your videos to social media and getting views is fantastic, but what’s even better is getting views and getting your videos shared, commented on, liked, and retweeted because this is where the true value of video on social media lie. Videos are much more likely to be shared then plain text. Be sure, when you are creating your video, to be aware of the length, content, and tone because all of those factors can lend to the video’s ‘sharability’ factor. Keep you videos succinct and under a couple of minutes long because most people are there to get entertained and then move on, and this is especially true on social media. Make sure your content is entertaining and informative and that the tone of the video matches the content appropriately.

Social media and video are two extremely useful, and extremely important, ways to expand your Internet marketing reach. Used together, they can create an amazing response from viewers through comments, likes, and shares all of which can help you company establish brand identity and loyalty.

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