We Love Discovering Something New and Full of Promise

Romeo, the little black dog, discovered something new yesterday. We all enjoyed watching his reaction to the discovery. We (our team) also discovered something new and full of promise for small businesses. If you are a dog lover, we hope you will enjoy Romeo’s story. If you are an owner or marketer for a small business, we hope you will appreciate the promise and opportunity of our discovery.

Romeo, the little black dog, like broccoli and social media

You found a new social media platform — I found a new treat! — I win!

Romeo discovered broccoli salad yesterday – and he loved it! We hear you – “he what?!” We do not believe for a moment that he was drawn to the broccoli. However, we cannot determine whether he was drawn to the cheese, the sweet dressing, or the bacon – although we suspect it was the bacon.

The first two bites of broccoli were rather large for his small mouth, and he simple licked off the dressing, the bacon, and the cheese. He left the broccoli behind. The second floret was quickly taken under the sofa where he knew we could not reach him – although nobody wanted to take it away from him. By the third floret, he stood on his hind legs and begged (complete with crying) until we gave it to him. We don’t know if he realized that the sweet dressing oozed down into the floret or not, but this time, he ate the broccoli.

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It was only shortly before Romeo’s discovery of the wonders of broccoli salad that we discovered the promise of a new social media network launched by Microsoft. The network is called So.Cl (pronounced social). The site is now in beta version, but you can not only use it, you can share your ideas to improve it.

Our team has enjoyed discovering something new and full of promise for our business and for yours. We are enjoying our explorations of So.Cl because it would be very easy to believe it was designed with small business marketing in mind.

We don’t want to deny you the thrill of discovering So.Cl and exploring ways to use it to share your images and content with your market. So, we will just list some key insights and basic ideas to whet your appetite.

  • The site combines some of the best sharing features of a blog and an image board site like Pinterest or DudePins: you can combine text and images, linking everything back to your site.
  • It seems ideal for businesses selling physical products that can be photographed and shared
  • Video can also be shared, as well as articles, blog posts, perhaps even some longer form content
  • It is easy to link and combine with other social media content
  • You can comment on other posts, which could drive traffic to your posts on the site
  • When you add pictures, they link to the website from which they were taken
  • The key to success on the site will be to choose interesting and/or compelling pictures
  • You can maximize the power and reach of the site by combining it with posts on other social media sites
  • Because the site is still in beta stage, you can push the limits and test your own ideas. If you find a problem or limitation, you can report it. If you think a change or addition would be valuable, you can share your ideas.

We hope you will enjoy exploring this new social platform as much as we do. We see this as a good opportunity for small business marketing.

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