We Don’t Need Aggregators. We Need Distributators.

Last week I went on a rampage against Pete Gimme Morecash, ahhh, I mean Cashmore; of Mashable fame.

He gave a speech to a group of -what had to be- thawed Encino Men about the “future” of technology. The highlight? Aggregator platforms which deliver content from on high to huddled masses which ought to be grateful that major media channels are finding better, faster, more “convenient” ways of reaching our wallets.

Why Pete?

I don’t have anything against Pete, per say. But I have EVERYTHING against what Pete represents. And here it is.

Pete Morecash represents a mouthpiece for the large media channels. They rent his clout to present the hords with “the next best thing” as per the desired outcome. The outcome being “shut up and listen while we tell YOU what’s gong on…oh, and btw, give us your money”.

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I submit to you that we DON’T need more ways to pull-in information. We need more ways to DISTRIBUTE our own information.

Being on Facebook and Twitter is a start but it won’t do. Mashable and other attention-hogs are there as well. They have 100s of thousands of eyeballs while we have dozens.

Did I mention that Mashable rips off content from other sources? No really. That’s their “publishing” model. They “aggregate news” from around the web. Which basically means “we take what’s already out there and re-publish it”.

If you and I did that we’d probably get sued for copyright infringement by now. Yup…rules are different for the Mashables of the world.

How Come There Are No Distributors

Small publishing houses (you and I) get squeezed out of the blogospheric equation the way Wallmarts of the world squeeze out mom and pop shops out of our neighborhoods. Never mind the fact that small shops offer superior product and better service.

But it makes sense to spend time and effort (read: money) on figuring out ways to distribute content from on high to the consumer. Except, now consumers are makers of content as well.

So, lemme ask you…

  • Where is the industrial-strength distribution network for you and I?
  • How do small time bloggers effectively compete with the likes of Mashable?
  • Do you think money will invest in development of a platform that distributes power?

Quality Vs Equality

I am convinced -because I see it every day- that small time blogs can create more authentic, more original and more useful content than Mashables of the world. But our fight is not for Quality. We win on Quality every time.

Our fight is for Equality.

As long as the blogopshere’s attention is skewed towards top “blogs”, Mashables of the world cash out on the inequality of the system.

But what if we stopped looking up, and started looking to our right and our left?

There’s a lot of amazing content to the right and to the left that deserves to be shared with your audience. And those who are standing beside you will share your content in turn, simply because human species thrive on reciprocity.

Let’s flip the blogosphere on its head. I’ve already started doing my part.

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  • Dino.

    You are so close here. You are right — The authors on small blogs are the great repositories of quality–but they need to build pretty massive audiences in order to monetize their audiences through advertising, so therefore they need distributors. BUT, what if they weren’t paid by advertising, and THEY were in fact the stewards of their audience. At MovableMedia we have authors who have 1 to 5 thousand followers getting paid very well for relatively small audiences — by brands who ALSO need distributors. In other words, the authors are the distributors of the future–and if their content is good, they will be paid for the value they create.

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