How to Use Social Media to Power Your Kickstarter

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  • Ricky V. says:

    What are the elements that make a kickstarter campaign successful?

    Although Kickstarter seems like a relatively easy way to crowdfund a project, there are several steps to be taken to create, maintain, and manage to give your Kickstarter campaign a high chance of success. Creating a product that people would want to support is only part of the equation. A lot of research and analysis must be done to make sure your funding goal is set modestly enough that it has a high chance of being met yet high enough to be able to meet reward obligations and fees. With respect to rewards, make them great; these rewards are the incentive to potential backers; why would they want to back the project now rather than wait until the product is available?

    If you’re interested in starting a crowdfunding project, Command Partners has years of experience working on successful Kickstarter campaigns, including the MyType Keyboard and Remyxx (now Rekixx) Sneakers which went on to feature on Shark Tank.

    We’ve written an article with 10 Kickstarter Marketing and Project tips to get projects off on the right foot – read here for more information:

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