Ultimate Social Media Party Foul List – 70 Party Fouls of the Social Foolish

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  • Heather Newman says:

    Amen, this is a great list. Thanks Pam! I love your twitter feed and articles. I send them to my marketing team all the time.

  • Maybe another five or six about cat photos… Fun list!

  • Hi Pam,

    Lol – Great post. I especially tend to agree with using the “egg” as your image in twitter – As this should be changed immediately. And one would think that people would at least use an image that can be downloaded from the web – yet they are active on their twitter profiles while using the egg as their avatar. A complete loss to value in terms of social media engagement for the whole community on twitter.

  • Deboti says:

    Writing using strange spelling bugs the hell out of me. For example I’ve seen people writing ‘pikchur’ instead of ‘picture’, whereas both of them take the same amount of time to write.

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