Tumblr Is Worth a Look at For Your Business

Back in December, Princeton senior and co-founder of Branch, Josh Miller, wrote a piece on the use of certain social networking platforms utilized by his 15-year-old sister. The piece inspired Garry Tan, co-founder of Posthaven and Partner at Y-Combinator to run a quick survey on the matter. Tan found that both of his surveyed groups, aged 13-18 and 19-25, utilized Tumblr at a greater level than most of us probably imagined.

The results are graphed below, representing the % of respondents who said that they used X platform for at least several hours in a week.

Tumblr and Business - Tumblr vs. Facebook

Months after Miller’s piece, we are still stuck with blog posts and articles regarding the fall of Facebook and/or rise of X social networking channel. Most recently, The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch.com featured an article discussing Facebook’s recent News Feed makeover as a reaction to “Facebook fatigue,” and gives its readers a link back to a January article pointing out Facebook’s 1.4 million active user loss.

A look at a Google Trends screen for Tumblr confirms our rising interest in the platform.

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Tumblr and Business - Rise of Tumblr

If your business targets anyone in his or her teens or 20s, you should have a presence on Tumblr. Even if those youngest in these demographics are not your target audience, where do you think they will be in a couple of years? There are reasons why brands beyond College Humor have Tumblr accounts. Huggies has one. Sesame Street has one. Do you see the trend?

Consider the options available to you and spend time exploring them. An ignored channel is a wasted one. And if f you come away from the experience realizing that you have nothing to gain from Tumblr, then that is one more thing you know about your audience and your social media marketing efforts.

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