Tumblr for Business – What is Tumblr?

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  • Thank you for this series on Tumblr, and I’m looking forward to all of the upcoming articles.

    I love the Tumblr platform, but have been challenged with how to effectively incorporate it into our social media strategy. Working in an industry that’s extremely focused on visual images, it makes sense (at least in theory) for us to have a Tumblr blog and use it to build our online community, but I try to avoid redundancy across platforms and really haven’t seen the added value in having a Tumblr blog vs. an Instagram feed, since they’re both so heavily focused on images. I suppose my stumbling block has been approaching Tumblr with the mindset of it being a true blogging platform, similar in function and use to something like a WordPress blog, and I’ve tried to generate content that utilizes all the media supported by Tumblr (i.e. text, video, audio, etc.). However, anyone browsing existing Tumblr blogs can clearly see that the majority of them use images, many almost exclusively. so, it appears that users are dictating the direction in which I should go with my Tumblr blogging (no more long-form text posts, etc.). But again, how best to blog on Tumblr without being redundant with my Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media accounts? I hope your series will help give me ideas and get me thinking about how best to use it for MY business (incidentally, you’ve already started doing this with Article 1 in the series).

    Again, thanks for the Tumblr series!

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