Top 8 Social Media Tools To Publish Like A Marketing Pro

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Social media marketing can be a tedious undertaking but digital marketers usually get some help from social media publishing tools to streamline their marketing activities. The tool becomes a part of the social media marketing dynamics that serves as a two-way communication channel that allows you to connect to your social media connections while receiving feedback about your social media marketing campaigns. Social marketing can be overwhelming even to a professional marketer and publishing tools can help simplify things and keep the activity more organized while retaining focus on your marketing goals. There are many social media publishing tools that offer various functions to help every marketer’s distinct goals in social media marketing and here are the top social media publishing tools on our list which are used by marketing pros that can help generate leads and improve your social media traffic.

#1 – Hubspot Social Inbox

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The Hubspot Social Inbox is integrated with a powerful publishing feature that allows you to schedule posts in advance for all your social media accounts and upload Tweets in bulk using a CSV file or Excel. It also makes easier pulling off content for quick publishing and it works best on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +. The tool also allows you to be constantly in touch to important people to your business. The tool connects to your contact database and allows you to colour mark contacts according to priority. It also integrates your analytics tool and CRM to track down the lead generation process of your social media marketing campaigns. You can organize the information of every customer including the history of their interaction to your business including the opening of your email newsletter to the number of page views on your website. With Hubspot, you can simplify the process of finding customers that are engaged to your business and to prioritize your social media activity for better leads and ROI for your business.

#2 – Buffer

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Buffer is most helpful to small businesses that maintains a business page on Facebook and uses Twitter for social media marketing. The tool helps to simplify the process of making updates on your social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter platforms using the bookmarklet from the tool to schedule when you should post updates. Buffer makes it easier for a marketer to take two clicks in order to add new content and it saves significant time to a busy marketer to manage their social media accounts in Facebook and Twitter.

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#3 – WordPress

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There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the most dynamic publishing tools for social media marketers. Small business marketers find the platform very easy to use. It can be used as a hub for social marketing blog campaigns that helps the user to seamlessly change, update and directly connect to their social media accounts for automated posts using its integration feature. There are also advanced plugins that makes it easier to publish WordPress posts directly on your social media pages. The platform is regarded by Matt Cutts as a useful tool that takes care about 80% to 90% of the search engine optimization process in marketing blogs as well.

#4 – TweetDeck

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This social media publishing tool is very useful to social marketers that are using Twitter to help them automate their tweets according to their own schedule. It is very helpful to simplify the process of social media publishing using the Twitter platform when you manage multiple Twitter accounts. It also optimizes your Twitter marketing activities by tracking down hashtags, trending topics and events. The tool makes it easier to publish posts from each of your Twitter timeline account using a single tool to manage them all.

#5 –Social Oomph

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This publishing tool helps to simplify and save time in increasing the productivity of your social media marketing campaigns. As a publishing tool you can seamlessly integrate it to Plurk, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and your blog site. Schedule your tweets, view mentions and track keywords on your Twitter profile. You can use it to auto-follow Twitter users that start following your profile to help you save time and effort as well. It is easy to pull and publish content from your blog site and integrate them to your social media accounts.

#6 Crowdbooster

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Crowsbooster helps social marketers to streamline their activities and save time in publishing content on their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The tool automatically posts on Facebook page and tracks down new followers. It also provides statistics report on the number of times a post has been shared on re-tweet. The user gets feedback on how engaging each post is to its readers and it can help to individually reach out to fans of your social media pages whenever you want to. Another best feature of the Crowdbooster is suggesting the best time of the day to post in order to boost your viewer engagement. It also sends a reminder when the user forgets to respond to one of his social media followers. Using the tool allows you to be responsive in your social media marketing campaign progress and keeping you on top of your response time to your followers.

#7 – Social Flow

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Social flow is a great publishing tool in directing its user when is the best time to publish content on their social media accounts. The tool has become useful for small business marketers in capturing the attention of target viewers during the peak time of a social media audience usage. This tool is quite popular among big and popular publishers like The Economist, Washington Post and National Geographic. The tool allows you to expand your social marketing engagement and increase traffic on your posts. It also analyzes social signals to help filter which publishing forms can generate better revenues for your business.

#8 – SproutSocial

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This is one of the social media publishing tools that are best for social business. It helps the user to become highly responsive to their customers or social media followers by creating a single stream box that reminds the user to respond to messages and post comments. It is integrated to different social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It also has rich analytics feature that boosts your social media marketing campaigns.

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