Top 5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Strategies Fail

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  • Good points. Engaging your Facebook customers is very important.And for this one should always use two powerful tools:
    1.Post more and more PHOTOS.
    2.Ask a lot of valid QUESTIONS from the customers.

    • Thanks for commenting, Avishek. Certainly, each social network has it’s own success factors. As you mention, Facebook users seem to respond better to photos. Questions can work as long as they’re not overused — as you mention, they must be valid.

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    • Angela, went to your blog and found it quite interesting and subscribed. In fact the first article I read was about brand loyalty and let me say that I found it great :)

  • So true. I find this in the classes I teach small businesses as well. It’s especially important to look beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for social media success. My book, Social Persuasion, explains the strategy behind choosing the right social sites to participate in. It’s often overlooked.

  • Wow! Everything rings a bell here, and a huge one, that is. I think that fear of failure is the greatest fear of them all – perhaps, it’s out of our need to control everything being said about our brands on the Web. Besides, social media is not about platforms or publishing media, it’s about building human relationships. I love your post, by the way!

  • First of all let me say that the article touches the roots very nicely.

    With the exponential growth of social media, specifically facebook and twitter, while almost everyone understand the importance of having their presence on these networks but in many cases the efforts are left at just that i.e. having the presence of keeping the presence. A lot of what, why and hows are left to be explored, analyzed and worked upon.
    People come to these Medias for certain reasons, they look for certain things and then different kind of people or shall I say people looking for different kind of things may be coming to different kinds of networks. A person too active of facebook may be having almost no presence of Twitter.

    A company announcing that they have got this or that quality certification or that their seminar on this or that was very successful or anything of this sort, just random examples, is not going to catch any eyes and add any value to them. The reason is that value can be added only by what value we add to the audience.
    Every post you make there is not just “a” post but should be something which has undergone a quality check of your thoughts like your products do.

    And then comes the important aspect of the mentioned “measuring and monitoring”. And that is a continuous but most important aspect of social media marketing if we need that to pay off our efforts.

    Great article. Appreciate it.

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