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CoderDojo is less than 1 Year old and there are 8,000 kids in the weekly program all learning to program and becoming digital creators in one of the over 130 CoderDojo locations around the world.

Social Media is key for finding and engaging with people around that world that are interested in starting or participating in CoderDojo’s. It’s also great for helping me to find people to plant trees through my reforestation project.

In order to spread the message I have also created a lot of useful and also fun content online so I have more than just causes for people follow. Most people do this with their blog I do it with books, apps and static websites like and

Here are 5 of my favorite twitter tools that I use to assist me


I use twittelator for the iPad as my primary twitter interface I particularly like the ease of doing quote tweets. It has all the features you would expect and a really easy to use interface. I also do do a lot of searches on twitter to quote relevant tweets and for this workflow it’s really easy to use and works great on the iPad.

Recommended for YouWebcast: The Art of Community Development: Turning Brand Awareness Into Sales is a web address shortener tool that also provides statistics on when a link is clicked and it also allows you to customise links which allows you some very cool link possibilities. If you are first to get that short link you can get some great ones e.g. or


With a large following, at times, I can get some fake followers. On a regular basis I like to purge these followers and Tweepi helps me do this as far as possible.

This is a premium feature with Tweepi. Tweepi will automatically go through my followers and pick out ones that have inappropriate profile images or images using the default egg timer. If an account is old and the profile picture is not uploaded that’s a possible sign it’s a fake follower. Tweepi is far more sophisticated though as it looks at the pattern of traffic and also the number of follows vs followed and the number of tweets. An old account following 50 followed by 3 and with 8 tweets or less is also likely fake.


CoderDojo is a not for profit organization aimed at teaching kids how to code. It was originally started in Ireland but now is spreading around the world with over 100 coder dojos already setup.

If CoderDojo is mentioned anywhere on twitter it’s important that I track this and get involved in the conversation. I used tweetaddr to automatically follow anyone that mentions CoderDojo. I don’t unfollow them automatically if they don’t follow me back. I’m interested in hearing what they are saying about coder dojo.

Tweetaddr is a very powerful tool for twitter automation but I don’t use most of the functionality. I only use it to follow Coder Dojo Supporters.


IFTTT (If this then that) is an automation tool that can automate tasks. There are a couple of followers that send tweets that are always interesting to my followers so using IFTTT I automate this. It automatically takes relevant tweets and forwards them on to my followers.

These are just some of the tools that I use.

Have you used any of the above?

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