Tips for Handling Negative Comments and Trolls on Social Media

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  • Hi Tara,

    Nice management tips. Will share it in my SM related blog for my audience. ;-)

    Personally haven’t got the chance in dealing with negative complaints or trolls (yet) but if I have come across any in the future, my approach will be remain positive and neutral. Also, one thing I learn is never ever delete any negative comments in the social media space as it might snowballing into another even more negative comments/complaints.


    • Thanks for sharing, Richard! :)

      Yes, being positive, neutral, and not deleting helps a lot. However, keep in mind that no one would fault you for deleting anything that might offend other followers, such as derogatory language or inappropriate topics.

  • Very Informative! Just read a white paper about social media syndication, This is different than bombarding busy executives with emails that can become annoying and may not be relevant to their business needs

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