“There Is No Social Media”

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  • Well this post certainly opens up new ways in which to look at social media. Businesses today, however, are still about “being social” on social channels and don’t really get to doing social media on a business level – although there are some who have probably already done it.
    If this change does come, I am going to be watching very closely. I would love to see how businesses and social media start shifting.

  • Fascinating, isn’t it, Max? The tipping point will come when all businesses realise that the ‘engagement’ they’ve been chasing costs money and yields no return. We’ve absolutely seen that already from our clients (including superbrands you might not *expect* to be pioneers, such as Sony, Pfizer, GSK and Pepsi). Their delight in seeing real ROI from Social Commerce (as opposed to Social Media) is incredibly rewarding.

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