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  • What a thoughtful article Mike. Thanks. I have been a student of Dunbar’s work (as well as Mark Granovetter) and I believe now that the hype is dying down about how easy it is to have thousands of contacts, it always comes back to relationships. And I believe that building a strategic partner network (for life) is much more valuable that the click and add way we have been led to believe is the answer. Human beings will always act and react in the same way – pay attention to them, listen when they tell you something, be responsive, give more that you get – as Guy Kawasaki says, enchant people is the way to build a business. By the way, I have a new niche networking site called coming soon – where we use Dunbar’s number (only allowed 150 contacts), we don’t send auto invites and we are trying to create a great community where human resources rule. We would be beyond honored if you would consider joining.

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