The Secrets of a Successful Instagram Photo Strategy

Do you have a strategy once you get your Instagram photos online? You need a plan before posting and sharing your photos on Instagram. Consider this to be part 2 (of 3) of my Social Media Strategy series for Instagram: Instagram Network Building (Get more followers), Instagram Content Strategy (daily posting schedule), Instagram Analytics (Coming soon!), then rinse and repeat. Find out how to share your best pictures and how to connect Instagram to all of the top social media accounts. Read on for the secrets of a successful Instagram photo strategy.

Social Media Strategy Network Building Content AnalyticsHow to Share Great Pictures for Instagram Tips

Use great captions to inspire comments and likes. A question such as “What is your favorite holiday?” or “Guess where I am?” can promote engagement via likes, comments, and followers.

Know the power of Instagram hashtags and bookmark my regularly updated Top 100 list. #hashtags make your images show up when a user does an Instagram photo search on a particular keyword. Used appropriately hashtags can help people find your stuff and drive traffic.

Set up an editorial calendar and publishing schedule. Here is a screenshot of mine.

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Editorial Calendar for Instagram PeterTrapasso account

When to post/best time of day – 8 am – 7 pm Eastern time.

Don’t just promote your own stuff – give shoutouts and help others, causes, events, etc.

Post different types of photos, graphics, apps (InstaWeather, etc…), holidays, events, and themes.

Put your iPhone to use and take photos daily. Same time each day like my morning InstaWeather posts.

Instaweather Pro app photo posted to IG

Now, would you like to know a way to expose all of your followers across networks to your great content?

Connect Instagram to all of your social media accounts for maximum coverage and distribution!

  1. Inside of Instagram you can select Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and even foursquare when posting content to your Instagram account. I think you need to select a location to activate the foursquare button. But when you do, Instagram images get added to your recent foursquare check-ins. For example, I checked into Le Pichet in Seattle and was able to post the Instagram photos I took to that particular foursquare check-in.
  2. Share your Instagram posts on Twitter. Your Instagram image will only show up as a link on your tweet now, but it is still worth leveraging one of the largest social networks on the planet.
  3. Post your Instagram images on Google+ using an awesome free tool called Do Share. Do Share lets you post Instagram content now or schedule for a future time. It’s kind of like Buffer App and both are very useful together (hint).
  4. Manually cross post your Instagram content to your Pinterest account – even #hashtags work now and help to improve searchability. Just use the Pinterest bookmarklet when viewing one of your photos in the Instagram web app . Add hashtags and a link back to whatever you want. Here is an example of one of my Golden Gate Bridge photos that I posted to my Instagram account and then pinned to Pinterest.
  5. Don’t forget Instagram on your Facebook profile!: (

Instagram is amazing and growing fast. Facebook will likely continue to promote the service and integrate even more tightly this year. Remember to share your best images on a regular basis. And maximize your coverage and engagement by sharing your Instagram posts on all of your social networks.

My e-book on Instagram is coming soon and will be available here:

How often to you post images to Instagram? Would a content strategy like this be helpful to you? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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