The “How To” Social Media Course Disease

The internet is flooded with “how to” courses on social media, blogging, business, changing nappies, the lot. And for the life of me I cannot truly understand why (in most cases). Ok, “how to disarm a bomb” would be a good course because I couldn’t really learn this via articles on the internet. But “how to blog” or “how to use Twitter”? Seriously? These are two things which by default have no ending. There’s no exam at the end where you gain a pass or fail. You pass or fail daily, and the measurement of pass or fail is 100% unique to you. So how then can anyone, other than yourself, truly teach you the “best way” to “do this”?

I want some “best practice” tips, though…

Tip 1: Practice. Daily.

Tip 2: If you practice daily, you will be continually improving and thus you will always be at your best.

Tip 3: Tips hardly add to a waiters income, so what makes you think it’ll be different for you? You need more than tips to achieve awesomeness.


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Two reasons you go on these courses…

You’re scared: 

It’s not your fault. Society is still getting over the industrial era and it’s conformist culture. You’ve been taught not to take risks, or try new things without first being “educated” about them. Or as I like to call it: being brainwashed to do it the way the industrial era power holders want you to do it. You’re scared that some “expert” knows how to run your business, engage your audience, and achieve your mission better than you do. Newsflash: they don’t. If they did they would be your competitor, and would have stolen your customers a long time ago. Business is scary, life is scary, your only option is to embrace the fear.

You need a fall guy:

“What if it goes wrong? I can’t be seen to have failed, I might get sacked, lose customers…!” The worst thing that can happen is no one reads what you write. Simple. But you fear not succeeding, as if business was a game with a finite ending. Tell me, when do you intend to “finish” in business? A while yet I assume. So why are you chasing ultimate pass or fail so quickly?

Back to the fall guy… You need someone to be able to blame if your blogging/tweeting/whatever “doesn’t work”. The day you say it doesn’t work is the day you have failed but not got back up…and on that day the only true failure will be you, not the guy with the powerpoint.

Three quick fire reasons these courses suck…

  1. They are merely short term boosters of information. The world changes so quickly that soon enough the information and tips learnt on said course will be outdated. You require and deserve more.
  2. The information isn’t specific to you and your awesome uniqueness. Is every person, business, consumer the same? Exactly.
  3. The “experts” that run them are merely using them as a sales tool. Do you feel used yet?

The better option…

Practice daily. You won’t “learn success” in one course. To bolster the effect of practice you could hire help on a one-to-one basis. This way you are getting the advice and support that YOU need, not merely perceived “best practice”. However, the best course leader’s in the world are yourself and your customers.

Am I wrong? Am I right? Tell me in the comments below. Oh and remember…

Be More Awesome


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