The Future of Social Media: 38 Experts Share Their Predictions For 2012

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  • In the coming year, yo9u’ll start to hear mobile and social mentioned more together than just separately. The intersection of the two (and teamed up with the idea of location) is the future of interactive marketing. Messages and experiences that not only are targeted based on proximity, time, interests and connections, but also on deep background data will bring more-interesting experiences with brands to customers. Beyond that, we’ll see a move by marketers to smaller, specialized social networks that focus more on experience and engagement rather than reach and impressions – the contracting of programs in order to focus on influencers and enthusiasts. That’s marketing dollars in social spent more wisely and with larger impact.

  • 38 people that didn’t know really what to say…not many of these comments are really predictions. Most things mentioned here are already happening. And “mocial”…seriously…that’s not even close to a word.

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