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The Sizzle: Twitter change. The Fri-Up: Mitt Romney’s Dog. The Sauce: Poodle

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The Sizzle:

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The Fri-Up: Mitt Romney’s dog

It has re-emerged this week that Mitt Romney drove for twelve hours with his dog Seamus strapped on top of his car in a kennel. Romney’s admission and defence of the action regularly appeared in negative media coverage during the 2008 presidential election. It continues to ‘dog’ him during his campaign for the 2012. This week, previously forgotten punk band Devo have reignited the anger releasing a song in tribute to Seamus ‘Don’t Roof Rack me Bro’.

Obama hasn’t been without his share of negative dog press. He revealed memories of sampling dog meat in South East Asia (where dog meat is a common delicacy) in his autobiography. However, unsurprisingly, far more has been made of Mitt Romney’s cruel carriage of his red setter than of Obama’s story.

Fig 1. History graph of mentions of Mitt Romney in conjunction with his dog Seamus.


The spike on August 15th, when the single was released shows how Devo’s sympathy with Mitt Romney’s dog has afforded them unaccustomed pick up across multiple news networks and potentially access to a new generation of dog lovers.

Fig 2. Wordcloud for Mitt Romney and his dog Seamus.


The wordcloud above shows how the story of Seamus and his terrifying journey continues to creep into issues surrounding Mitt Romney’s policital career nearly 30 years after the unfortunate event.

The Sauce:

Something for the weekend:


Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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