The Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

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  • I think social media took a lot of business small and large alike a little bit by surprise! I don’t think they quite realized the importance and the significant role it would play in the years to come.

    For a while it was great, the small business owner’s jumped on board, and watched as the larger (slower moving) companies adopted social media integration.

    • I think you’re right Warren – and there are still businesses out there which don’t realise what social media can do for them!
      However, the danger for small businesses is for them to spend time on social media because they think it’s something they should be doing, without really looking at why or which benefits they are looking to get out of it. After all, we all know that without making goals we rarely achieve them!

  • Thanks Warren – I agree entirely.
    However what I think is dangerous is for small businesses to devote precious time to social media just because they think/know it is something they should do without really thinking of the goals they want to use it to achieve.

    After all, we all know that without setting goals we never achieve them!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this informative post! Social Media is an important tool for running your business successfully. It not only helps the entrepreneurs to talk about their business but it also helps in building a cordial relationship between a customers and the owners of the business.

    • Thanks Florett. Yes, the power of social media as a customer services and community building tool is truly a game changer for any business.
      And I agree that it helps entrepreneurs to talk about their business, and focus their mind on their brand values even more.

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