The 6 C’s For Making Your Enterprise More Social

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  • Wow! Seemed like deja vu to me reading about 6C’s and the social enterprise. Back in December, I had a similar notion in my blog “The Marketing Id,” where I presented my new and improved E=MC5 theory of connectivity as:

    A social Enterprise that provides Mobility, Cloud-based Communications, Cyber-security, Collaboration & Content.

    Taken together with what you have to say, we have the keys to success for a social enterprise!

  • Nice post! Can’t be more agree with you… however, I believe content, commitment and consistency are more important among the 6 C’s.

  • Great post. Explains why efforts are required to maintain proper social media accounts and show what could be interesting strategies to make those accounts relevant. Thanks!

  • Thank you for the compliments. They’re greatly appreciated. I am really glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Concentration, Consumption, Correctiveness – these will added my point of view.

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