Thanking Your Social Media Connections

Social Media MascotWhen it comes to social media, you must have followers so that you can succeed in business. If you don’t have followers, you won’t be able to engage and nobody will share your content with their connections. You need followers.

The importance of followers

Although it is an established fact that without followers, businesses wouldn’t succeed, a large number of followers doesn’t guarantee a larger return on investment (ROI). It is extremely important that, as a business owner, you express your gratitude to your followers and there are several different ways that you can do that.

Use the personal touch

Showing your gratitude to your followers in a way that is personal and touching will work very well. The personalized thank you can be in the form of a handwritten card from an influential person in the company or some other item that really says that you are grateful. People really appreciate handwritten notes because it says that time, effort and care was put into the note before it was even written and sent.

Try to be spontaneous

You don’t need to plan way ahead in order to say thank you in a nice way. It is easier than ever with all of the online tools at one’s fingertips. If you make a spontaneous gesture, it is usually understood that it is a gesture of the heart. It isn’t any more or any less meaningful than a thank you that has been planned in advance. It is just a different way of approaching the other person. If a wave of spontaneity should come over you, go for it.

Sing it loud

Depending on your type of business, the type of person your follower is and the type of person you are will determine whether singing your thank you is even in the realm of appropriateness. Some people really love that sort of gesture and some people would be mortified to receive that type of message. You really need to understand exactly who you are dealing with.

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Express your creativity

When it comes to expressing gratitude, the creative possibilities are endless. Nobody would like boring when they can have creative, innovative and exciting. You just have to use your imagination a little. If you open up your mind, the ideas will start to flow.

Offer special discounts just for them

If you have an innovative new product, you should let your followers know about it first. At the same time, make sure that you fans understand that you are letting them know about it because you value the connection that you share together online. You can also offer them a coupon or a free sample for some of the products that you offer.

Helping your followers to solve problems quickly

Your followers will truly appreciate it if you help them to solve their problems, especially if you do it relatively quickly. There is nothing worse than being plagued by a problem that you feel you can’t get out from under. I you are able to help them work through it, they will be very grateful and you will certainly come out shining.


You shouldn’t regard gratitude and actually saying thank you as any less than a responsibility. It is a matter of manners and your mother taught you right! If someone does something kind and decent for you (in this case, perhaps one of you followers shared your content with several of their friends), you have an obligation to show your gratitude in whichever way you feel is the best ad the most appropriate. Your followers won’t forget it and it will deepen the relationship that you share with them. Always remember to thank the person directly and privately. It is very important to keep it between you and the other person.

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