How to Be a Team Player on Social Media

Nearly every business these days has an online presence and many companies encourage their employees to establish themselves online as well. If you want to be considered a team player today, utilizing social media can help you create a positive impact in the workplace.

Participate in the conversation

If your company utilizes any of the major social networks, one easy way to show your support is to participate in the online conversations. Whether you are ‘liking’ a Facebook post, retweeting a company Tweet or commenting on a company blog, in time your efforts will be noticed. Not only does keeping up with your company on these networks keep you in the loop on company news and industry trends, but others may consider you as a supportive team member.

Participating in conversations that your company and coworkers start via social media can help draw more attention to the topic and encourage others outside of your business to participate as well. As a contributor to social media engagement efforts, you demonstrate your support and willingness help to expand the audience of your company.

Support your company and your team

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Social media is a great place to share your excitement when the company you work for, or the team you are a part of, does something noteworthy. Before posting, remember to never post confidential information about your company and follow your company’s social media guidelines. Assuming a particular news item or image is appropriate to share on social media, consider creating a post or publish a picture to show off the great things your company, team or colleagues are doing. With about 81% of employees claiming to seldom, if ever, receive public praise in the workplace, the efforts you make to recognize your coworkers or company can be recognized.

Not only can supporting your company and coworkers demonstrate your appreciation of the work that is being accomplished, but it may also show outsiders that your company has a supportive atmosphere. This can lead to the company recruiting better talent, which may not be linked back to you, but in the end, the stronger the group you work with, the more successful your team may be.

Post news relevant to your industry

Regardless of whether your company regularly participates in social media, another way to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for your work is to post relevant news or articles related to your industry. By sharing interesting trends and information via social media you can give your business the opportunity to learn more about something it should also post about or help others stay on top of what is happening and continue the conversation.

Posting and staying on top of industry trends can also show your employer that you are keeping up with business outside of the work you are assigned. Learning about external events that are occurring in your industry can help you and your team come up with better ideas to execute and allows you to be more proactive.

While you may want to demonstrate your support for your company and coworkers, it’s important to be genuine. You don’t have to retweet or like every post your company creates just for the sake of getting noticed. If you’re looking for another way to be a team player, social media is an outlet that continues to grow and become more relevant every day.

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