How to Succeed with the Changes at Google Plus & YouTube (Without Even Trying)

How to Succeed with the Changes at Google Plus & YouTube (Without Even Trying)

What the heck is happening with Google and YouTube? It seems the whole YouTube user base is up in arms. Is this just grumpy resistance to change or something more serious?

Are you confused by the new YouTube/G+ commenting system? Have you seen your comments showing up in places you never expected?

Do you need more than one YouTube channel? What does this mean now that Google Plus profile is connected to your YouTube channel?

Has a new YouTube identity suddenly appeared that you didn’t even create? What does this mean for the YouTube channel you’ve always had?

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Why can’t you reply to comments on YouTube that were made only a month ago? And where are the comments going that you do make?

These are just a few of the questions that have sprouted up over the last week as this huge raft of changes were rolled out.

Well, we’re going to answer those general questions and your specific questions as well. So if you haven’t yet checked out the new lay of the land, take a look and scribble down your observations. Because we’re going to figure this out for you on Monday the 25th at 2PM ET.

Be there and jump ahead in your knowledge and ability to take advantage of all these new toys. This is one time when bright shiny object syndrome is actually called for!

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  • Greenhall Leonard says:

    really want to be part of this hangout but its unclear which link to click below the video – is it the ‘preparing for Mobile Majorit….’ link

    regards leonard

  • Steven Washer says:

    Leonard, just click on the link in the author box above where it says “This article originally appeared in the BrainyVideo blog” and you’ll be taken to the post where you can find the invite. I don’t think we can put links here in comments.

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