Stop Trying to Measure Social Media ROI

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  • I disagree. You don’t stop trying to measure something just because it’s difficult to measure. You look for better ways.

    Brand building has been used as an excuse to waste advertising/marketing budgets for at least half a century. But if you’re building a brand without expecting a return on that investment, you’re doing that wrong, too.

    • Thanks for your comment Christian. If I gave the impression that I have no interest in measuring results I apologize. My main point is that a marketer cannot apply PPC (or any paid advertisement campaign) expectations to social (such expectations are invalid anyway given multi-touch principles). I did my best to phrase the “protests” at the beginning of the article in such a way as to focus on the expectations generated from paid campaigns. Conversion through brand building is not measured per quarter; it is a long-term investment. Social is about relationship building. If a marketer can build top-of-mind awareness through online relationships then the sales generated from said awareness will rise out of loyalty and recall, both of which are the goal of every marketer. So yes, measuring success is essential. Hope this helps. Thanks again for the comment!

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