Stop It! 7 Ways You’re Annoying People On Social Media

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  • I know this is not about FB, but can we please stop the “change of title” posts on LinkedIn, which aren’t a change of anything except how many connections you have, or changing the wording. This is a silly waste of time for everyone and becomes so much “digital white noise” that it is not only annoying, but like all other white noise, it gets ignored.

  • Most annoying: people who post stuff about “like” this or you support the devil…or “change your status” to whatever cause they are supporting, or you don’t care and are a heartless monster. Those are some really annoying things.

  • I’d like to mention that sharing photos and tagging people publicly without their prior permission is not a good idea. I am thankful that I don’t go to parties or events any more where I could end up photoed and tagged.

    Many people don’t like photos of themselves. Some have dangerous ex-es stalking them. Those “fun” photos will come back to haunt them if they decide to try to get a new job. The first thing companies do now is search for what has been posted online about you.

    I know it seems great to be able to share your photos with your friends, but you are actually sharing them with the world. And they NEVER, ever go away.

    Some people I know who have clueless friends have had to really get after them to stop them from oversharing. If your friends don’t want their images shared or they don’t want you telling the world where they are you should honor their wishes.

    If you don’t believe me, do a search for +robbers +facebook and find out how many have been robbed because they announced they were on vacation, or checked in somewhere. Do you really want to be the person who got their friend’s homes burglarized by posting their location online – when they knew better?

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