Steve Jobs and the Power of Storytelling

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  • Nice insights, Mark. I think many businesspeople are afraid people will view them as “soft” if they use stories or share personal experiences. I think it’s just the opposite. The truly confident communicator shares who he/she is as well as what they know.

  • Nice article!
    No wonder storytelling was easier at cavemen times… there weren’t any digital devices to support (or hinder) them: just speech and body language. :)
    Storytelling is a very effective methodology to present contents, but gets difficult to achieve proportionally to the complexity of the device you’re working on.

  • Dave/Albegor- thanks for the feedback, and sorry for delay here (getting back from few days off).
    You really can tell a “confident communicator” by the way they share stories, and I agree it gets more difficult to achieve as we introduce more complex devices…and programs (Powerpoint was just the beginning, but think about how many presenters hide behind slides vs telling stories and really connecting with their audiences)

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