Staying on Top of Your Social Activity


Being in the know is critical

Knowing what is expected of your social activity, how to protect both your accounts and your reputation, and how to respond in cases of crisis can help you create and maintain a cohesive social presence that will enhance and promote your brand’s reputation for a long time to come.

Confirmation, prevention, and security

Claiming and confirming your accounts

When it comes to social media, presence is essential, and the way to have an effective presence is to claim your accounts. By this I mean that you choose the social channels that best suit your business and create accounts there utilizing as much of your branding as possible. If you can register yourself as your brand name that is ideal but sometimes someone else has claimed that name already, or it is not available for some other reason. Your goal should be to claim your name before someone else does; imagine your competition working under your brand name!

Some social channels offer confirmation services that allow you to verify your identity. This isn’t always an option for every company but it is definitely something to check into!

Disaster prevention and recovery

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You cannot be too careful with your brand name, and as such you need to make sure that you are doing all that you can to prevent the kinds of social media faux pas and outright mistakes that can take a brand from the heights of success and bring it down to a level that will mean a lot of work for an SEO company like RankPop to raise your rankings to their former glory once again. One way that you can ensure that you are putting your best foot forward is to train everyone who has administrative access to your social media accounts in how you would like your brand to appear and react. This would influence the way your posts and updates were written, and when they were shared. Real-time responses and feedback control would also be affected.

If something terrible or embarrassing has already happened then you need a plan for damage control. If the issue is a customer complaint, address it as soon as possible. Ignoring a problem and hoping that it will go away is not a good social strategy as social media is changing the way that the public shares and reacts to information. If the trouble is a post that was made in poor taste, an apology is usually the best way to go, and the sooner you deliver it the better off you will be.

Social channel security

Your brand can and should guard against security issues with your social media accounts. The simplest thing to do is to control the password of your account. Know who all has access to the password and change it regularly. You can also carefully consider the available security features of each social channel you utilize and know how each can benefit you. You will also need to have a plan in place should you realize that your accounts have been compromised – confirm this plan will be effective by contacting the support staff of each social channel before a problem has been identified. It pays to be prepared!


How does your brand manage its social media accounts?

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