Sooooo….You Think Social Media is Stupid? Think Again.

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  • It’s not so much Social Media being stupid. It’s what people place on it. Some people have real lifes, sharing it in a way being a pleasure reading about. The stupid part comes from people sharing toilet habits and what they are doing every waking minute.
    I’m actually glad that you have had good and meningfull experiences with the social networks. I however have had to many bad ones. Now I just keep myself updated on News and skips everything else between.
    English not native so sorry for any spelling and grammar.

  • My son recieved a kidney from a living donor Aug. 21, 2012. We did not even know this young lady who lives 500 miles from us but who was willing to travel to donate to my son. We made the conection with her through a facebook posting by one of my sisters who at one time lived in the same city as the donor but does not anymore. The donor’s mother and my sister had kept in touch with each other over the years so when the donor found out about my son she offered one of her kidney’s with out any hesitation. Everything is going real good for both of them at this time.

    • Amy,

      First off, I am very sorry for commenting on your blog the way I did. It was very immature and showed some tactless marketing strategies. I would be the first to admit that I am young and brash. This is the first week of my blog, so I desperately wanted to get the word out about my post. In hindsight, I should have read your blog post beforehand. I just assume it was relevant by looking at the title. I had no idea it was such a heart warming story. I am sorry. After reading your comment on my wall, I immediately went to read your post. To say the least, I felt bad. My heart sank. I started this blog for fun, so it was a terrible realization to find out that I offended someone.

      What you did for TinyMom was yet another testament that humans are still good. I commend you for having a big heart and for being that courageous. What still gets me is: It didn’t matter to you that she was a stranger. Man, that’s heroic.

      Don’t get me wrong. I love Social Media. Heck, we are communicating via Social Media as we speak. I understand that Social Media has positively changed the world. Recently, a few friends of mine were able to find a bone marrow donor for their friend by using Facebook and various other Social Media outlets. Although they were able to find a match and the procedure was successful, she still passed away shortly after.

      Even beyond the benefits of reaching out to aid humanity, people in the Middle East used Facebook as the primary means of communication when organizing their political movements and revolts. It’s amazing what Social Media has done to change the world.

      I love Social Media. I hate Social Media MARKETING. I feel they are evil. Although my “spam” comment didn’t leave much for my credibility, I do hate the evil side of marketing and what these businesses have done by monetizing Social Media.

      Please don’t hate me. You have made me aware of the potential dangers of randomly sending a link on people’s walls. As a blogger myself, I get very excited when I see comments. It must be terribly frustrating to get a comment that shows little interest in what the post has said. I won’t do that again. I promise.

      I do hope your documentary goes well. It sounds quite intriguing. I wish you well, and try not to donate too many things–there are limited amounts of stuff on your body. However, your heart seems to be big enough for several people. You are genuinely a good person.



  • Maybe you are the exception, since you have found a lost family member, but I still think social media is stupid beyond the great fortune it can bring. I mean you can still text people and talk to them over the phone, so why make it difficult by going to a site, putting in your password, filling out a mandatory profile of all your personal information, and spending countless hours updating your status, and talking about bland stuff that doesn’t matter?

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