Solutions to Social Media Marketing

The truth of the matter is the way current social media strategies and campaigns function, they simply do not always work. How can social media become the tool it was designed to be and do the job it was created to do? How do you fix something that is continuously changing? The simple answer: be real. When companies push aside the “game” of social media and show they are genuine, they can see real results that will work in their favor.

The simple answer explained

Being real, for a company, may be little scary. When you throw out old tactics like bombarding customers with messages, convinced that more is better, and you put on a brave face, it can be quite intimidating. Being real with followers and the online community simply means being honest. When you push past only trying to get results and you have an end game, rather than just simply trying to connect with people, you might be missing the point of social media. Sure, people flock to sites like Twitter and Facebook, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken advantage of with promoted tweets and sidebar ads. They’re online to connect socially and when you actually connect with them, you have a real chance at getting results.

For a while, things like paid and fake followers were the trend when it came to social media strategies. However, the average person on social media has become aware of this and it doesn’t really get you anywhere now. Sure, at this point most companies and business identities need to be out there to promote themselves, but when you take the time to promote others, get to know your followers and interact with potential consumers, you create real relationships that will prove to be the balance in which you need to be effective at social media.

Fixing social media

All of this effort and engagement may seem daunting. It may make you want to scream, “Abandon ship!” and simply give up your efforts. However, this doesn’t need to happen. You simply need the right tools to fix your broken social media strategies, tools that help you interact and prove there are people with good intentions behind the scenes. Modifying your approach doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. It just needs to begin with the real you, whoever that is.

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Oftentimes, deciding on the ‘real you’ is the most complicated part of this process. Once you know who you are (or your company is) and the persona you wish to show the world through social media outlets, you can begin fixing your social media strategies. You will be able to target your audience much more effectively, which means reaching out to current and potential customers. You will also be able to establish a voice, which will help you establish the appropriate medias you will use for your campaigns and strategies. It has also become increasingly important to have content that isn’t just there for the sake of having content, but rather provides knowledge and insight for readers and involves them by responding or by thinking about what you have to say.

There is no reason to give up on social media; the practice just needs to be reworked. With the right mindset and the right tools for the job, social media can be a fun environment in which you can promote, sell and converse with others about your company and/or the services you provide. Success in this arena is about finding the balance of promotion and genuine association. It’s about finding what works for you, where it works for you and throwing out the “rules” — the methods that may have worked for other companies but not for you. Being real means you are able to create relationships that can sustain over time and give you more and better results than you ever thought possible.

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