SoLoMo and Your Business – Why You Should Care

Online marketing is changing.

Gone are the days when “should I have a website?” was  a relevant question.  Now, simply having “only” a website is not enough for a B2B business and even more so for B2C businesses and retailers.  Customers are web savvy and increasingly social and mobile savvy, which is where SoLoMo strategies come into play!

What is SoLoMo?  It stands for SOcial, LOcal, and MObile.

Get acquainted with the term as it is increasingly being used and will be commonplace shortly!  SoLoMo refers to how today’s consumers are using social networking, local search, and mobile technology together in their everyday lives, particularly related to product/business research, looking for deals, and making purchases.

Smart Phones are increasingly becoming common and consumers are using Smart Phones on the go to get fast feedback, look for deals, check prices, and make purchases, sometimes while in a store looking at the very product in front of them!  As well, 80% of searches on smartphones are goal-oriented, to find a location or to make a purchase. (

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Key stats for business owners and marketers related to SoLoMo:

  • By 2014 mobile Internet use is projected to overtake desktop Internet use for good!
  • 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices
  • 56% of smartphone users check social media sites on a mobile device daily
  • 88% of smart phone information seekers took action the same day
  • Half of those seeing a mobile Ad take an action on that ad (look for more information or purchase!)

sources: Microsoft 2012,, business2community

How is your business represented on mobile devices?  Do you have a mobile-friendly website?  Additionally, does your company/store have a presence on Social Media platforms?

TAKEAWAY: This data shows just how important smartphones, social media and location services have become and this will only grow in the next few years.  Businesses must evaluate what technologies and social media services their customers and potential customers are using, and develop a SoLoMo plan to reach out to them in relevant ways on those platforms.

An important consideration is how your website, social, and local strategies all work together.  Try to develop synergies between them.  For example, one SoLoMo idea is for a local retailer to offer a coupon on Facebook targeted to mobile user.

SoLoMo is here to stay!  Is your business ready?

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