Social TV Strategies: Magnet Minute [Video]

This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy shows some strategies to further the conversation of traditional television shows online. This has been a rapidly increasing trend in TV, and networks are implementing many tactics to stay involved in the conversation and further engage their audience.

One thing you see most frequently is a watermark on the TV screen with a designated Twitter hashtag. There are already so many people tweeting while they watch their favorite TV shows, so it makes sense for networks to suggest a hashtag to consolidate the conversation in one place. This helps viewers meet each other and drive engagement even further. The more they talk to each other, the more they connect with the show, and the show gets talked about more online.

Another fun idea is having the talent create behind-the-scenes video blogs on either YouTube or a mobile network. One show that does a great job of this is The View because their hosts give a glimpse of what happens backstage with a video-messaging app called Tout. It’s a great strategy to drive personal connections with an audience that is already loyal to their programming.

Instagram is the leader when it comes to sharing photos, and TV shows are using it as well. If you follow the Today Show you will notice this is a huge part of their digital strategy as they share tons of pictures with their audience. If a viewer sees someone they love on Today’s Instagram feed, they may tune in for the interview.

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Another great strategy is to actually take the digital conversation and display it for all to see on television. Talk about building brand ambassadors for life! Displaying tweets and status updates, or submitting them as questions for guests, is a great way to engage an audience. They are already talking about you, but now they talk WITH you.

How do you engage with social media while you watch TV? Let us know in the comments and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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