Social Search –The New Game Changer in the Block

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  • Abdallah says:

    Nice article and I agree that social integration with search is an important development in teh future. This was one of the areas that Facebook has been lacking in but they are working to improve. Another area that has been traditionally harder to search is the ‘comment sphere’ – I have been using the new tool from Engagio that searches specifically for comments on blogs and other sites. It is an interesting way to find content and Engagio lets you create email alerts for your search. Here is a link

    • Lena Paul says:

      Thanks Abdallah.Well I have gone through the tool.I must say this tool is quite helpful sending the required alerts to notify us what’s happening in the web world.

  • Jack N Fran Farrell says:

    Collaborative search the new game changer. Some people will never get that work groups, task forces and other private and knowledge directed g+ Circles are no more social than action items are the same as likes.

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