Social ROI: Measure What Matters

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  • What a great article Jill! Return on investment (ROI) is very important to businesses, especially their marketing department. Companies don’t want to waste their money on a form of marketing that is showing negative ROI or is simply too difficult to measure. Sometimes social media is not used to its full effect because it is hard for businesses to measure the true ROI that it’s creating. As a Marketing Director at Cisco, I have found a way to deploy social and digital media with conferences and events and gain a noticeable ROI from it. By live streaming videos of conferences and events I have created an interactive community in which users can discuss latest trending topics and conferences themes. This boosted participation and interest engages the user before, during and after an event. With the event still in the user’s mind after it over, eliminates the possibility that the event is a “one hit wonder.” This is the type of return that companies want to see from tradeshows, conferences and events. Thanks again for the informative post, Jill, I hope to see marketing departments use true marketing ingenuity to incorporate social and digital media into their marketing campaigns and see measurable returns!

  • Jennifer – thank you so much for your comments and “live” example of how you are integrating and measuring your marketing efforts at Cisco. Thanks for writing about how you are making the most of events since we tend to get focused on online marketing and sometimes have trouble linking it with offline marketing. Keep up the good work at Cisco!

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