Social Networking vs. Social Media: What is the Difference?

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  • Hi Laura,

    I like the way you’ve described the evolution from private group and chamber meetings towards leveraging social media.

    I thought you could perhaps also consider using private social networking tools that would move these face-to-face chamber and networking events online. Still keeping things tightly knit however it would be easier to communicate and manage time.

    I belong to a small group of ecommerce consultants and we’ve been using a private social networking site called Mumba Cloud ( We’ve found it useful for follow ups and sharing information with everyone instead of just between individuals.

    Hope this helps to broaden the conversation.

    Rgs, George

  • George, If everyone you want to reach is on the private social network that will work. We belong to a group that uses Google meeting (or something like that :) for inter-group communications. However, don’t ignore Facebook and other public sites if you want to reach people within the community. Even Chambers of Commerce and Referral groups are interested in going outside these groups for customers – no everyone in your town is in your group, and even the smallest business should reach out to the community at large.

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