Social Networking Is All About Relationships, Silly

Social networking in its purest form is about relationships. Some social networks are built around music, like ReverbNation, others around business, like LinkedIn, even other still are into fitness like Beachbody. They’re all connected around a specific interest. But then you have micro social networks, which are the people in your circle of influence…your “friends or followers” on Twitter and Facebook.

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English: A diagram of a . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you are using tools like Twitter and Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever you are socializing online…YOU MUST remember it’s about connecting with people…not “collecting” people.

So many internet marketers and social media newbies are spending far too much time on buying software and buying into the hype of finding thousands of people to add them to their social network in order to establish themselves as “experts or gurus” as well as to mass market their products. #FAIL

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Of course, the numbers of eyes seeing what you’re sharing about IS important and the more of them the better your odds of making sales…BUT…it is the QUALITY of people that are following you that truly results in long term success using social media networking for business!

Go for quality of relationships…not quantity of relationships.

Spend time getting to know people, not spending hours trying to find hundreds of people to add to your Twitter account.

Your best friend didn’t become your best friend overnight did they? Your closest co-worker didn’t become that way magically.

You asked questions. You entered into a process called, “getting to know someone”.

What have you learned about the people in your social network offline? About their family? Their job? Their hopes and dreams?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions online! That’s how we all learned to get to know our friends and co-workers. As situations arose, we were able to ask questions to get to know the person better.

It’s no different online…you just have to use different tools. Typing tweets, sending instant messages back and forth on Facebook, even emails. In order to connect with someone, you’ve got to be proactive!

Something to think about…and remember! How can I connect with this person or group of people? What common ground can be established?

Remember, social networking is a relationship business…not a collecting people business!

What do you think?

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  • Qnary says:

    When building your list of friends or followers on your social media pages, try not to concentrate on the amount of friends or followers you have. Instead, focus on how good of a relationship you have with each of your friends or followers.

  • I agree Timothy. Quality of relationship is a formula to success in social media marketing. Yes, you do have many followers but do you spend time on them? Have you tried to reach them out? Maybe these followers of yours are not real, or not even targeted.

    Thanks for encouraging us that quality of relationship is an important factor in social media long term success.

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